We’re pleased to announce the completion of “PAL Ottawa: Building Art and Soul” PAL Ottawa’s case for support for a residence in Ottawa.  We first presented the document to guests of our Cube Soirée, and now all interested can read it on our website.  We will use this document to engage partners and support as we pursue our long-term goals.

Members of Ottawa’s arts sector achieve and give so much. And yet, these valued members of our community often get by on shockingly low incomes: in 2012, the average annual income for artists in the City was reported at $15,800. Under these financial constraints, it is no wonder that owning a home or saving for retirement proves impossible for many.

PAL Ottawa believes we must prevent seniors in the arts sector from spending their later years in poverty and hardship. Our solution is the creation of a PAL residence in the Capital – taking our cue from the proven PAL residences in Toronto, Vancouver and Stratford.  We envisage a home for those in the Capital who make or have made their living in the arts and wish to continue their vocation communing with fellow artists as they move into their senior years.

The completed Case for Support is a crucial step on our path to building a PAL Ottawa residence. We invite you to read it today and we welcome your feedback.

Thanks to PAL’s Board of Directors and the Advisory Council who created this document in collaboration with Mena Gainpaulsingh of IFC Associates.