Missed Lines, Mishaps and Major Costume Fails: Funny Stories from the Wonderful World of Theatre

Hosted by Veteran Canadian Performer Peter Haworth

Wednesday November 28, 2018 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Ottawa Art GalleryBoardroom (top floor)
10 Daly Avenue or 50 Mackenzie King Bridge

Veteran Canadian performer Peter Haworth – seen here in a dramatic role last summer as John Diefenbaker in Pierre Brault’s gripping play Dief the Chief: October 62 – will share the funnier side of the business with wonderfully witty anecdotes on November 28.

PAL Ottawa – an organization that provides support services to senior arts workers’ while working to construct a live-work residence for them – kicks off a series of free monthly socials Wednesday, November 28 at 4 pm at the Ottawa Art Gallery’s Boardroom. Seating is limited for this free event, so best to register at:

Entitled PAL @ the OAG Social Circle, each 90-minute session will feature a special guest speaker and is open to the general public. Each social takes place on a Wednesday given that OC Transpo offers free transportation that day to seniors aged 65+.

The inaugural event features veteran Canadian performer Peter Haworth who, in addition to appearing frequently on TV and in film, has played stages across the country, including the Manitoba Theatre Centre; Toronto’s Tarragon; Soulpepper and Canadian Stage; Ottawa’s GCTC; Halifax’s Neptune; and many others. Haworth is also the chairperson of PAL Ottawa.

Haworth’s topic is often the stuff that makes DVD extras so popular: the behind-the-scenes mayhem that audiences rarely know about but which can make live theatre like working a high-wire act. Indeed, the slightest change in the placement of a piece of furniture, a missed line, an improperly placed wig, a make-up run, or a malapropism (using an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound, resulting in a nonsensical, sometimes humorous utterance) can raise the stakes for performers and audiences alike.

Julie Hodgson, who coordinates PAL Ottawa’s Supporting Cast — a group of trained volunteers who provide companionship, transportation to appointments, assistance around the home, and connections to health, social service, and housing organizations – sees the monthly gatherings as an opportunity to help break the social isolation that can result from living on a low income in a very expensive city.

“Our members have worked for much of their lives to create and present work that has added to the cultural fabric of our city,” says Hodgson. “However, many of these artists don’t have financial security in their senior years and require assistance and support.”

PAL Ottawa is grateful for the support of the Ottawa Art Gallery, which is open seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, has free admission and free wi-fi, and is fully accessible with gender neutral washrooms. For more information on planning a visit, see: https://oaggao.ca/plan-your-visit

Peter Haworth also serves as the Chair of PAL Ottawa’s board of directors