Supporting Cast

Are you having difficulty coping with a short or long term illness or disability and do not know where to turn? Or do you know of someone within our arts community who may require assistance?

Our personal assistance program, Supporting Cast,

This expansion will be possible in part thanks to a grant from [the province of Ontario’s Seniors Community Grant Program.]

Whether you are a singer, actor, musician, arts administrator, painter, sculptor, writer, filmmaker or technical support provider, you know the joys of artistic creativity as well as the burdens of life passage. And you would understand that a simple act of human kindness can provide enormous support and encouragement.

Do you require assistance?

For assistance with your day to day needs:

Phone: 613 730 0789
We will return your call within 24 hours.

For emergency assistance please call 911

How to Provide Help for Others

If you do not require personal assistance but wish to be of help to others:
Be a Supporting Cast Connector or Become a Supporting Cast Volunteer