Do you know of any Senior Arts Workers who might benefit from the assistance of our caring Supporting Cast Volunteers? If so, scroll down!


PAL Ottawa’s Supporting Cast Program is expanding its capacity to assist senior members of the arts community to retain their independence while living in their current home.

Our volunteers are trained to assist arts workers in need with the challenges of daily living.  Our confidential volunteer services include: companionship, errands, transportation, and connecting clients to community agencies, health care providers and the wider arts community.

If these services would make life easier for you or for someone you know who has worked in the arts community, please get in touch. Both performing and visual artists, as well as musicians, writers, technicians and arts administrators, make up our client base.

The Need

The National Capital Region has been described as the Festival Capital of Canada for its many artistic celebrations. We are a national centre of creative expression, contributing to our economic growth and enviable quality of life. Artists entertain and enthrall us, and may attain celebrity in their careers. With the ups and downs of their profession however, many arrive at the end of their calling without adequate pensions or other resources to enable them to live in dignity and to continue engaging creatively with the community.

About PAL Ottawa

PAL Ottawa is a vital resource—a lifeline—for arts workers in all disciplines who, due to age, low income and, in some cases disability, struggle to maintain a decent existence in their senior years. Like other PAL Canada chapters, PAL Ottawa is working to build affordable housing for aging Arts Workers in a creative community hub; and to offer personal outreach support through our Supporting Cast program.

Getting in Touch

If you or a friend would like more information about Supporting Cast, please visit our website or contact us at:

Together, we’re serving Art & Soul.