The Future of Food: A Discussion With Organic, Bio-dynamic Vegetable Farmer (And PAL Ottawa Treasurer) Sandy Mackay-Smith)

Join the PAL Ottawa Social Circle on Wednesday, June 26 at 4 pm at the Ottawa Art Gallery Studio Space (10 Daly Ave) for an informative discussion on something we can all relate to: food.

In Sandy’s words, “I read New York Chef Dan Barber’s book, The Third Plate, which deals with the future of food. It interested me so much that it still stands as one of my ten all-time favourite books. My plan is to discuss issues raised in the book with, I hope, lots of interaction from the audience, as food is something we can all relate to.

“My 12-year experience with my family at Juniper Farm, a certified organic bio-dynamic vegetable farm in Wakefield, Quebec has provided many interesting illustrations of themes Dan brings up in his book. Here is a ‘taste’ of thoughts for discussion: ‘Where does taste/flavour fit in, or does it matter anymore?’ ‘Is there really a chronic shortage of food in the world, or is it a question of organizing ourselves better?’”

Come and join me in what I think will stimulate you about food and food habits that, but for the farm, were entirely new thinking to me, and maybe to you too.”

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Sandy Mackay-Smith / Biography:

Sandy Mackay-Smith, who is the current Treasurer at PAL Ottawa, had an early career as a corporate lawyer and later as an entertainment lawyer. Before retiring, he served as President of Invicta Capital Canada, a Canada/UK Entertainment Company that finances TV and Film co-production projects.

When he retired, Sandy started working with his wife Gwen at Juniper Farm in Wakefield. The farm is owned and operated by Alex Mackay-Smith, his son, and Juniper Turgeon, his daughter