Join the PAL Ottawa Social Circle on Wednesday 27 November at 4 pm for a free event with one of Ottawa’s most celebrated storytellers, who favours folktales and fairy tales with strong heroines and sound plots.

Free Event: Register to Reserve a seat at

Limited to 20 participants

Refreshments will be served

When: Wednesday 27 November 2019 from 4 to 5:30 pm

Where: Ottawa Art Gallery Studio at 10 Daly Avenue


The Ottawa Storytellers exist to promote the art of storytelling in our community, to nurture and inspire both beginning and experienced storytellers, and to provide tellers and listeners of all ages with opportunities to come together to share and enjoy stories.

For more information, please visit the Ottawa Storytellers Website at:

About Storyteller Mary Wiggin:

For over 15 years, Mary Wiggin has delighted audiences with her storytelling. She has been a frequent featured teller at the Ottawa Storytellers Series at the National Arts Centre, at Arts Court, and at the Children’s Storytelling Festival. She also tells in a variety of community settings such as seniors programs, schools, and fundraising events. In 2016, Mary toured British Columbia with The Game’s Afoot: Stories from Sherlock Holmes, and returned to Vancouver Island in 2018 with Oatcakes and Heartaches: Scottish Tales Carried Over the Ocean.

She favours folktales and fairy tales with strong heroines and sound plots, but listeners should be ready for some surprises. Her no-nonsense style is the perfect set-up for the uncanny and the fantastic. She tells mainly to adults, but also enjoys entertaining younger audiences, especially her granddaughters who still think Gran’s tales are worth a listen.