Join our dynamic team as we enter the final planning stages leading to the opening of PAL Place in 2024.

PAL Ottawa is seeking new members with skills to complement the dedicated and talented members of our Board of Directors and various committees.

PAL Ottawa works to provide or help connect members of the Capital Region’s professional arts community with essentials such as affordable housing, personal care services, and links to the local arts community so they can live, not in isolation, need and fear, but in dignity within a caring community.

Our mission is to provide seniors in the Capital who work(ed) in the arts sector with affordable housing and personal support in a creative, caring community.

In 2024, we will finally achieve this mission with the opening of PAL Place in downtown Ottawa, which will offer affordable housing and associated services to senior members of the arts community. But we need help to get there.

We are specifically looking for a new volunteer who can bring expertise to our Board of Directors and/or individual committees, in the following areas:

  • Not-for-profit & charity governance
  • Development of a Diversity/Equity/Inclusion framework
  • Development of Positive Behaviour Practices
  • Working with Home Committee on Residents’ Guidelines

Additional attributes sought:

  • Bilingual (asset)
  • Artist from discipline other than theatre (asset)

Advantages of working with PAL Ottawa:

  • Satisfaction:
    • help local artists
    • combat Ottawa’s housing crisis
    • bring a major project to fruition
  • Networking:
    • get to know members of our stellar team
    • connect with PAL Ottawa’s first wave of resident artists
  • Professional Development:
    • diversify your skillset
    • expand your CV

To learn more, or to start a conversation about whether you or someone you know may fit some of PAL’s needs, please contact Peter Haworth, Chair at

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