Join the Board of Directors of PAL Ottawa to be part of a dedicated group of community leaders working together to offer arts workers residing in the National Capital Region affordable housing and personal support in a creative, caring community so they can continue to live, create and inspire.

PAL Ottawa is the eighth chapter of PAL Canada, which, after its founding in 1986, led the way in creating affordable housing for artists, and a volunteer colleague assistance program called Supporting Cast. PAL Ottawa’s long-term goal is to create a centre for professional artists in all disciplines in the National Capital Region. This centre will provide affordable housing and other amenities and creative spaces, bringing artists together in fellowship to continue their journey as creators, performers, teachers, and mentors.

Officer and Director Positions Open:

·         Officer: Treasurer

·         Officer: Vice Chair

·         Director: to take on the role of Chair, Fundraising Committee

Role and Responsibilities of Board Members and Committee Chairs:
The role of a board member is to ensure good management and governance of the organization. Members of the Board of Directors bear a fiduciary duty to PAL and its supporters.  In pursuing their duties of care, diligence and loyalty, Board members are expected to come prepared to board meetings, ask questions, actively participate in events and fundraising initiatives and serve on one committee.

If you are interested in joining the board and making a difference in the National Capital Region arts community, please contact Peter by February 28th to express your interest, ask questions or receive more information regarding the roles and responsibilities.

Peter Haworth, Chair:

To learn more about the engaging work PAL Ottawa does in the community, click HERE.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!