Tue, March 23, 2021
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM




This workshop focuses on understanding changing needs in retirement, income in retirement, dealing with debt in retirement, expecting the unexpected.

Financial literacy is an essential life skill – no matter your age – and it is a life‑long learning experience. Meeting the needs of seniors has always been a priority for banks in Canada and advancing financial literary is an important part of the Canadian Bankers Association’s overall mandate.

Whether you are about to retire or have already retired, many senior Canadians face similar questions: Will my money will last through retirement? How should I manage my financial affairs if I need physical or other assistance? What scams and frauds should I be aware of? Bankers have a depth of experience working with customers and the Your Money Seniors seminars can help answer these and other important questions.

Our March 23 seminar focuses on Cash Management in Retirement: Making the Most of Your Money in Retirement. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding changing needs in retirement
  • Understanding income in retirement
  • Dealing with debt in retirement
  • Expecting the unexpected

Presented by the PAL Ottawa Social Circle