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Your $25 membership fee provides the seed money we need to grow this exciting initiative. For a modest annual fee, you can show your continuing support for PAL Ottawa and help us to provide companionship and personal support services to senior arts professionals in need through our Supporting Cast and Social Circle programs.

You can also help to build the case for investing in a new, affordable housing facility for our region, where experienced artists come together in fellowship to continue their journey as creators, performers, teachers and mentors – where they can interact with one another and with the community at large. We envisage a vibrant centre in the heart of the Capital, with live-work space that includes creative spaces amenities necessary to engage in different artistic practices.

PAL Ottawa provides two basic categories of membership: Individual ($25)  and Organizations ($50 and up) . Membership is not restricted to those working professionally in the arts. Across the country, PAL has attracted widespread support not only from arts professionals, but from among those who work recreationally in the arts and others who appreciate and benefit from the presence in their community of a strong, vibrant arts scene.

Because we believe strongly in helping one another, however, our membership includes strong representation from the professional arts community in the Capital region. Our strength lies in uniting our sector in common cause to extend a helping hand to those of us who need assistance due to financial, physical or age-related challenges.

We foresee a not-too-distant future in which all arts organizations across the region have joined PAL Ottawa and have encouraged their own membership and staff to join as individuals. We invite any and all arts organizations to become PAL Builders, by supporting us through cash or in-kind donations valued at $1,000 or more.

With your generous support we come closer to achieving our mission. Thank you.

See examples of the in-kind support we seek from PAL Builders.

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