PAL Place

We are very excited to be pursuing this great opportunity to establish PAL Place, with a strong housing partner, Ottawa Community Housing, in the center of the Capital, in the Corso Italia Station District within easy walking distance of public transportation systems. We anticipate construction to start in the coming years, with occupancy targeted for late 2023 or early 2024. We will be eager to share more details on the project as we are able to do so.

The block of apartments would have bachelor, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and one 4-bedroom units. The building would also have a multi-function room on the first floor with priority use by PAL Ottawa’s arts workers for such things as performances, exhibitions, studio work, etc.

All Affordable, Almost Half Very Affordable

Rents will be at affordable rates in accordance with CMHC household income guidelines. Our goal is to offer at least 40% of the units at even lower sustainable rental rates through the PAL Place Campaign efforts. This will assist the most vulnerable older arts workers. Sustaining income support for this is dependent on a major PAL Ottawa fundraising campaign in the years leading up to occupancy in 2023-24.

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PAL Place Application

To become eligible for a spot on the Residence Applicants List and to establish your priority, you need to complete an Application Form and submit it by mail or email.