About PAL Ottawa

We reward the artists who delight us with our applause, and often assume that success in the arts brings financial security. But very few members of the performing arts community arrive at the end of their career with an adequate pension and other resources. That’s why we are creating PAL Ottawa: to provide affordable housing and a support system to artists in need. Learn more…

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Join PAL Ottawa! For a modest annual membership fee of $25, you show your continuing support for PAL Ottawa and gain several benefits. Membership fees provide the foundation on which we can build our initiatives. 


Help provide the seed money needed to achieve our goals. Add PAL Ottawa to your list of Charitable Donations and receive a Charitable Tax Deduction. You’ll be happy you did, come tax time! Donate today.


Get involved by volunteering for Supporting Cast. Lend our Board and working Committees your hands-on skills in not-for-profit administration, affordable housing, website design, publicity or fund-raising. Email us to get involved.

News & Upcoming Events

Do you have the skills? PAL Ottawa is seeking a new Treasurer!

Seeking Treasurer for Board of Directors PAL Ottawa is a charitable organization that connects members of the professional arts community in Canada’s Capital region with essentials such as affordable housing, personal care services, and links to the local arts...

PAL’s Soup Kitchen for Artists

Please join us on December 7, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the season and another year of accomplishment for PAL Ottawa. Sip a soup, raise a glass, and take part in our panel discussion, “Working for Peanuts.” Mingle with old friends, find new ones...

The Railway Children – special matinée fundraiser for PAL Ottawa!

Join us on November 23 at 2:00 P.M. for a delightful stage adaptation by Mike Kenny of E. Nesbit’s beloved family classic, The Railway Children. The play follows the adventures of three children forced by circumstance to move from their charmed life in London to the English countryside, close to the railway…