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About PAL Ottawa

We reward the artists who delight us with our applause, and often assume that success in the arts brings financial security. But very few members of the performing arts community arrive at the end of their career with an adequate pension and other resources. That’s why we created PAL Ottawa: to provide affordable housing and a support system to artists in need.

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News & Upcoming Events

Meet up with the PALs at our Annual Kitchen Party on February 25th!

Calling all actors, artists, musicians, dancers, techies, writers, arts workers and arts admirers to PAL Ottawa’s Annual Kitchen Party!

When: Saturday Feb. 25th, 8pm – 11pm

Where: Glebe St. James United Church Hall, 650 Lyon St. S.

What: DIY entertainment, potluck/snack offering, cash bar

Jam with friends, sing a song, try out your stand-up routine, or sit back and enjoy the show!

$5 admission at the door

For further info, please email or call 613-742-6215.


PAL Ottawa’s Case for Support

We’re pleased to announce the completion of “PAL Ottawa: Building Art and Soul” PAL Ottawa’s case for support for a residence in Ottawa.  We first presented the document to guests of our Cube Soirée, and now all interested can read it on our website.  We will use this document to engage partners and support as we pursue our long-term goals.

Members of Ottawa’s arts sector achieve and give so much. And yet, these valued members of our community often get by on shockingly low incomes: in 2012, the average annual income for artists in the City was reported at $15,800. Under these financial constraints, it is no wonder that owning a home or saving for retirement proves impossible for many.


A Splendid Kitchen Party

We held our second ever Kitchen Party on March 6th and it was a splendid success. Led by Jim McNabb, our Events team transformed the hall of Glebe St. James United into a cozy cabaret. Old and new friends across the arts community met up, and everyone revelled in the...

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People and Profiles

A Supporting Cast Success Story: Maria Hawkins, “Blues Lady”

In late November 2015, PAL Ottawa met with “Blues Lady” Maria Hawkins in her new residence: a modest one-bedroom terrace level apartment in an Ottawa Co-op.  It was one of Maria’s last free days before she would begin a multi-phase surgical process to treat a grave...