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where senior artists are considered. connected. community.

PAL Ottawa’s ‘PAL Place’

Affordable Living for Senior Arts Workers

Set to welcome
residents in


The creativity and passion of artists does not diminish as they age!

PAL Place will manifest an especially vibrant and welcoming community inspired by art, creativity, well-being, and ongoing artistic expression through various art forms. Residency is offered to actors, musicians, singers, dancers, designers, directors, writers, visual artists, technicians, choreographers, stage crews, arts administrators and more.

Sign up through our online Application form.

Affordable housing for arts workers has always been an issue and it keeps getting more dire with each passing year, as rents increase and salaries in a precarious industry stay stagnant. With the living and performance space PAL will provide, we can make the arts, and arts workers, a vital part of the community.

Lynn Miles  — Juno Award-winning singer/songwriter

PAL Place residents can look forward to living green!

The building’s Passive design pursues net-zero greenhouse gas emissions – the gold standard of sustainable design that includes solar energy, geothermal, energy storage systems, zero emissions space and water heating and other zero emission technologies.

In partnership with Ottawa Community Housing (OCH),  PAL Ottawa will oversee an apartment block lease of 86 apartments including bachelor, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. A total of 22 of the 86 units will be designated for individuals with disabilities who can live independently.

The property includes limited parking, active transportation, shared greenspace, a rooftop terrace and an indoor/outdoor Creative Space. The latter is designed to facilitate sustained artistic creation, presentations, exhibitions, workshops, and more to benefit both the residents and the neighbourhood.

Located at 305 Rochester Street, PAL Place will operate as a non-profit, mixed income, creative environment!

It offers affordable housing within a community where creators aged 55 and older can live and continue to work.

View apartment floor plans

(Floor plans are of OCH’s Mosaïq  Ottawa property,  located at 811 Gladstone Avenue.  Apartments at PAL Place will mimic these designs.)

Apply to Live at PAL Place Now!

As of early 2024, more than 150 artists and arts workers have applied to live at PAL Place. Anyone with a potential interest is encouraged to apply now!  If you’ve previously applied and your status or information has since changed, or if you have any questions, contact us at and we will respond.

PAL Ottawa will contact applicants during the resident selection process. Your application does NOT commit you to accepting an apartment, if offered. The option to decline a unit is available, should your circumstances change.

View the renderings of Phase 2 of Mosaïq Ottawa that include PAL Place


  • Who is eligible to apply to live at PAL Place?

    Individuals are eligible to apply to live at PAL Place if they meet the following:

    -They are a professional artist or arts worker
    -They can live independently
    -They are either a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant/permanent resident, or a refugee claimant
    -They are 40 years of age or older with the understanding we aim to select residents who are 55 and older

    *Please review our FAQ titled "How does PAL Ottawa define a professional artist and arts worker?”.

    People with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to apply. Please see the FAQ titled, "Can I apply if I have a disability?”.

    We encourage applications from anyone interested to generate a waiting list for units when demand for new tenants is warranted.

  • How does PAL Ottawa define a professional artist and arts worker?

    A professional arts worker is an individual who has become established as an artist in any discipline, or in an associated occupation, as evidenced by the following criteria:

    • has specialized training in their artistic field (not necessarily in academic institutions)
    • is recognized as a professional by their peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition)
    • is committed to devoting more time to artistic activity, if possible financially
    • has a history of public presentation or publication.
  • Can I apply if I have a disability?

    PAL Place is designed to be fully accessible, with 22 of the 86 apartment units designated for people with disabilities who are capable of independent living.

  • Does PAL Place have accommodations for individuals with visual impairments?

    The design for PAL Place accommodates individuals who have visual impairments. In keeping with the standards of OCH buildings, every floor and all amenity rooms are labelled, which includes Braille. Braille is also standard within the elevators. Additional items include audible communication at the building’s main entrance system, and elevators, with power door operators in barrier-free paths of travel and universal washrooms.

  • If I am on Ottawa's Social Housing Registry waitlist, can I also apply to PAL Ottawa?

    The answer is yes. However, the application for PAL is separate from the Social Housing Registry application process, and the rental rates are different. If you meet the eligibility criteria for PAL Place, we encourage you to apply separately through our online form. This will not compromise your place on the registry waitlist.

  • Do I need to be a member of PAL Ottawa in order to apply?


  • What is used to determine financial eligibility within the application process for PAL Place?

    Based on Ottawa Community Housing affordability criteria, which PAL Ottawa utilizes, affordable housing is offered to individuals, couples or families who fall within a specified income bracket. The income variance (lowest income earned / highest income allowed) is a sliding scale allocated to the number of bedrooms in each unit. For example, a studio apartment will have a lower income variance than a 3-bedroom apartment. The combined total (gross) income of applicants cannot be over the ceiling limit. PAL Ottawa is working to offer an option for affordable rent, for applicants that fall under the baseline (low) limit criteria which will be reviewed on a case-by-case assessment by PAL Ottawa. The total income (combined) of all applicants for each unit is one of many eligibility assessment criteria per our Application Form.

  • How can I ask questions to PAL Ottawa about my interest in applying or my applicant information that may change after I submit my application?

    Please email with any queries directly related to an application to PAL Ottawa for residence at PAL Place. This includes  inquiries BEFORE you apply, AFTER you submit your application. If you have general inquiries about PAL Ottawa, contact us at

  • How do I apply?

    Please first review the application to determine if you meet the criteria as a professional artist or arts worker. If you qualify, then continue to fill out the application form available on our website in both English and French.
    Click here to view the application form!

  • What happens after I send in my application?

    Sending in the application via the PAL Ottawa website is step one in the process. Your application will be reviewed by PAL Ottawa. PAL Ottawa will contact the applicant by email or phone, per contact information provided on the application form during the process. Alternatively, an applicant can always contact PAL Ottawa via email at to update information on their application.

  • When will successful applicants be notified of their successful application?

    We anticipate notifying successful applicants one (1) year or more in advance of occupancy to PAL Place. This gives time for future tenants to make necessary arrangements to depart their current place of residence. Details will be discussed with each successful applicant at that time.

  • What is PAL Ottawa?

    PAL Ottawa is a volunteer-driven, non-profit, charitable organization that provides affordable housing, personal services and well-being programs to artists and art workers in the National Capital Region. We care for artists so they can sustainably create art that enriches all our lives.

  • What is PAL Place?

    In partnership with Ottawa Community Housing (OCH), PAL Ottawa is building a new, mixed residence, net-zero emission, passive design building called PAL Place. PAL Ottawa will manage the 86 apartment block lease of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units to house senior artists and arts workers. PAL Place includes limited automobile and bicycle parking, shared greenspace, a rooftop terrace, and Creative Spaces. The latter is designed to facilitate sustained artistic creation, presentations, exhibitions, workshops, and more to benefit residents, the neighbourhood, and community-building through socio-economic partnership. Detailed information about PAL Place is available in our Case for Support.

  • Is the rent at PAL Place based on singular or combined household incomes if two or more people live in one unit?

    The rental cost is based on an affordable rent model and formula directed by Ottawa Community Housing and CHMC. Applicants should be aware that the income of ALL parties living in a unit will be considered when determining affordable housing eligibility criteria. Again, this criteria is provided by and based on Ottawa Community Housing protocol.

  • What are the market rent prices for units at PAL Place?

    The rental cost at PAL Place is based on affordable housing rates. NO market rent rates are charged to PAL Place residents. Rental rates for PAL Place are not available at this time. Once available, they will be posted on both the PAL Ottawa and Ottawa Community Housing websites.

  • What do the units look like?

    Visit Mosaïq's website for more information. The various apartment layouts/designs of Mosaïq will be utilized at PAL Place.

  • Where is PAL Place located?

    The official address of PAL Place will be 305 Rochester Street.

  • What is transportation like in the area of PAL Place? Is it easy to get around?

    Public transportation will include a future LRT stop (Corso Italia Station), with OC Transpo bus stops located between 27 to 300 metres from the building. For personal transportation needs, limited vehicle and bicycle parking is available in an underground area at PAL Place, including accessible parking. Overall, the Italia Corso District has a walkability rating of 87 out of 100.

    For more information on OC Transpo services and planning your travel, please visit

  • Will parking be available at PAL Place?

    Limited underground automobile parking will be available to future tenants at PAL Place. Parking will also include a fee (not yet determined). We do not know the number of automobile parking spots available to PAL Place tenants, at this time. Be advised that an automobile parking spot will not be assigned to every apartment. Bicycle parking will also be available. We do anticipate a rental car-sharing program for future residents of PAL Place, although details are unknown at this time. Mosaïq, an OCH property located at 811 Gladstone Avenue provides a car-sharing program. News on this program can be found here.