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where senior artists are considered. connected. community.

Partner with PAL Ottawa

Because building community is better when done together!

We are eager to discover unique resources and meaningful outcomes with each partner. Let's connect and determine our relationship potential!

A few ideas:

  • Public relations: Exposure via live (digital/in-person) events and presentations
  • Shared introductions to valued connections and influencers (arts, business, funders, donors, etc.)
  • Venue / presentation space
  • Professional development (business best practices, arts workshops, etc.)
  • Equipment or beneficial services swap
  • Content sharing: Digital platform links
  • Co-production: Fundraising events
  • Marketing or promotional collateral swap

Ideas and Options

Whether your interest is piqued by PAL Ottawa’s Supporting Cast program, via PAL Place or future programming, we are interested to align with your community-building interests.

Paid Forms of Partnership!

Having spent my entire life in dance, I’ve not only had the opportunity to work with artists from many disciplines but also to become keenly aware of the financial sacrifices they make in order to bring joy and entertainment to others. Our musicians, dancers, visual artists, singers, actors, and technical crews have given us so much. Now, we can give back by ensuring they have the safe and affordable housing they deserve, and at a stage in life when they need it most. This is why I am so pleased to support PAL Ottawa’s initiative to build an affordable housing complex in the nation’s capital for artists in their senior years. I cannot think of a better way to honour and support arts workers who have devoted their lives to enriching our own and the world around us.

Karen Kain — Artistic Director Emerita & former principal dancer —The National Ballet of Canada

Our Community Donor Partners

Cumulative Major Gifts Appreciation Board


Be our first Galaxy donor!

Palladium and A Standing Ovation


Platinum and 3 BRAVOS!  
$100,000 +

** Anonymous (x2)
Jim and Meriel (Beament) Bradford
PAL Place Cabinet Members Group

** Vibrant and Sustainable Fund
Wesley M. Nicol Foundation

Diamond and A Spotlight Bow  
$50,000 +

* PAL Place Public Campaign, Advance Donations and/or Pledges Group

PAL Ottawa Advisors Committee Group ◊ 

Rubies and Loud Applause  
$25,000 +

Blocks, Plays & Murder in the Dark Group ❤
Cynthia Baxter
PAL Ottawa Board of Directors ↀ
Power Corporation of Canada

McKeen Metro (Glebe)
Robert Tennent

Brian Toller and Lorna Tener ∆◊
Janet Yale and Dan Logue

Gold and A Big WOW!!  

Anonymous (4)
Glen Bloom and Deborah Duffy
Susannah Dalfen ∆
Danbe Foundation
Elizabeth Finak  
Ted Fobert
Lewis Auerbach and Barbara Legowski ◊
Anne Maheux and Greg J. Hill ↀ
Hammie Hill ❤

Janet & Leo Lefebvre / Borealis Foundation
Minto Foundation Inc.
John and Phyllis Rae
L.A. (Sandy) Smallwood ◊ 
Victoria Steele 
Raymond and Natalie Stern ∆◊ 
Alan and Marianne Whitten

Silver and An Encore Shout Out  

George Anderson and Charlotte Gray 
Ron Connelly, Jane Cronin and Family
Charlie Hill  ❤
Hamnett P. Hill Family Foundation ❤
Hali Krawchuk and David Bukurak ↀ  

Sandy Foote and Roberta Walker
Hobin Architecture
Sandy and Gwen Mackay-Smith ∆ↀ❤
Christopher Minnes ∆
Sheila and Bill Williams

Bronze and A Bouquet of Thank Yous  
$2,000 +

David Caulfeild ↀ   
Jim and Brenda Bisiker ❤
*** John Bouza
Karen Colby-Stothart ∆
Doug and Lynne Burnside     
Ruth Freiman
Brian Foss ❤
Jean Teron

Victoria Henry ∆
** Hedinger Family Fund 
Tom and Jan Houston
Diana Kirkwood 
Paul Lemelin, EXP Realty
Ottawa Art Society
Jane Panet and Jim Taggart
Lola Rasminsky
Barbara Uteck and Graham Fraser

Legacy Donations ****

Raymond and Natalie Stern $10,000

* PAL Place Public Campaign Advance Donations and/or Pledges includes PAL Ottawa's 2020 surplus; and, PAL Place donations and/or pledges up to $2,000 which will be individually recognized for their generosity once the public campaign is launched.
** OCF (Ottawa Community Foundation Donor-advised Funds)
*** Tribute and In Memory Donations will be published during the public campaign
**** Legacy Donations appear when Major Donors advise us of their provision for a donation to PAL Place in their will. We are very grateful for this consideration
∆ PAL Place Cabinet Members Group

Making a Donation or Pledge - To make a Major Donor Donation or Pledge ($2,000+), contact Sandy Mackay-Smith, PAL Place Campaign Organizing Committee Chair at, or call 819.671.9004. All other ‘PAL Place’ donations should be made to PAL Ottawa at the PAL Ottawa website.

Note: Anything highlighted in YELLOW indicates a new donor or an increase in the Donor’s gift from the last report. The Major Gift Appreciation Board donation is "cumulative"; so donors who add to their donation or pledge any time during the Campaign--at the $2,000 level and beyond--will be recognized above.

Our community partners go above-and-beyond! We are pleased to highlight a few partners who have emboldened PAL Ottawa’s reach to further impact and enrich our community.

  • Wesley M. Nicol Foundation
    • Discuss shared values and explore ideas to deepen PAL Ottawa’s impact for those in need.

    • Leverage the Foundation’s influence to entice others to support our cause via partner-developed, creative idea-generation.

    • Support profile-building initiatives through shared public support initiatives and logo recognition.

    • Contribute additional financial support for fundraising campaign initiatives (I.e., matching funds)

    • Share knowledge that supports our operations (I.e., Advisor to PAL Ottawa)

  • Ottawa Community Foundation
    • Manage a variety of grants that contribute to PAL Ottawa’s operations, including PAL Place.

    • Facilitate donations to PAL Ottawa via individuals' and foundations' interest in our work.

    • Work with PAL Ottawa’s Board of Directors and management to transition our business model from community services to (also) include residential leasing and artistic programming. 

  • Ottawa Art Society
    • Invite PAL Ottawa to share with their members, in person, details about PAL Place and how their donation contributes to tangible outcomes. 

    • This valuable opportunity strengthens both our relationship with our donor and the connection to our cause through this form of public outreach.

No question, the arts are a big risk financially. If anyone knows this, it’s me, as I left the stable lawyer life to follow my passion as a writer, and I had some tough years. It’s great if you make it, but the reality is, that number is low. Many in the arts never realize this economic freedom. Nevertheless, they often make huge, profound contributions to society with their work. In their older years, this lower-than-average income translates into a very real problem – paying rent. PAL Place helps address this problem.

Jay Shore — Comedy writer

We welcome your ideas and enthusiasm to support local artists!

To discuss sponsorship opportunities with PAL Ottawa, email us at or fill out our contact form.